Aki játék nélkül akar nyerni, az nem érdemli a Játékot

As a first step, here are a couple of holo radiators. In short, holo frequencies don’t matter what physical object projects the vibrations. It could be a sheet of paper, a crystal, a pendant and it could be your monitor. If you sit at the other end of the world in front of your machine and look behind the images, your consciousness will jump to the holographic frequency and call the energies to yourself.

Since we don’t have much time out of 1 minute, the first image is a preparation program that you fill with content. It helps with any preparation.

Next up is holoGPS, which you can use to track your own radius. Since you may lack the necessary knowledge, the first setting is the point in your ideal future where you can already take over your things in the range above the physical plane. You can follow with your intuitions. As with GPS, you can get off the road and step back after recalculating.

After that, we make the connection to the Holo Game, which I won’t say more about because it’s the short version and wouldn’t fit in the 1 minute.

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