Aki játék nélkül akar nyerni, az nem érdemli a Játékot

General game start

Holo radiators are a great invention as personal encounters can be eliminated with them. To do this, however, it was necessary to put an authorization system on it, because anyone could see them. This means that for some these are just meaningless images, for others it is like an initiation. However, generic radiators work for everyone. Look behind the images that pique your interest.

Adventure games

This is the most common category, it is no accident that I gave the physical plane the name ExperiencePark. These radiators do not contain specifics, so they are able to adapt to their users. The content is submitted by everyone.

Healing games

The ÉlményPark is built on 4 areas. Life is a big school, so whatever you do, you can learn from it. It is not worth emphasizing in particular, nor is it worth research and development, which requires special habitus and expertise. But if I create such frameworks for healers, I can help their work with it.

Fighting games

There are situations that cannot be resolved peacefully. In this case, we need people who are fit for it and do not run away from conflicts. For those who define themselves as a warrior figure, it provides background support in an instructive form.

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